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PokhoronniyDom.rf. Funeral organization in St. Petersburg

The funeral agency "PokhoronniyDom.rf" provides a full range of funeral services: organizing a funeral, transportation of a person who has died, cremation and selling a wide range of funeral accessories. At the most difficult time, we will take care of the organization of a decent sendoff and help you to avoid any fuss and necessity to go round different authorities.

Ritual agency, that is always near

Our funeral agency will provide comprehensive qualified assistance for any bereaved. You can contact us at any time of the day or night - the funeral home works 24 hours.

When you are in grief or in the moment of despair, our funeral directors are ready to support you in organization and holding a ritual ceremony. It includes full or particular cortege, sendoff arranging and burying regarding the faith and last will of a goner.

Special bureau can organize air transportation of a dead person’s body in any country of the world (USA, Europe, and Israel), including ex-USSR countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Armenia and Kirghizia) and supports with all needed documents and going through particular procedures.

Loosing someone is always difficult, especially if it has happened very far from home. In that point, there is a big question how to transport the body to the place of origin very fast and with minimum of problems. We provide air transportation when you need to deliver body to the disposition all over the world. This mean of shipment is convenient when you need to get point of destination that is over than 1,000 km. As well, air transport is fast but expensive. In some situations, it can be the only way of transporting.

Repatriations services: co-operation with insurance companies

Our funeral home is in close cooperation with different insurance companies. We’ll take from you all the worries about documents and other paper work. As well, we provide full repatriation process that involves gathering of important documentation and supporting information as required. The price for this service depends on chosen company and counts individually.

In a moment of sadness, you can rely on us. You will get professional assistance in shipping and organization of a funeral ceremony according to your faith and customs. Price for services will depend on personal preferences of bereaved. We can make your very sad time easier.


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